How LTL Shippers can Maximize Their Service/Cost Opportunity

In the past 20 years in the CPG industries, the big have done more than just grown bigger. Not only have they acquired small to mid-size manufacturers, but they have also merged with or acquired many of their former competitors. Old brands are shed faster than new ones are created. Successful businesses have sprouted by acquiring and revitalizing "tired" brands that were not receiving the marketing support they once had because of the real or perceived lack of growth in the category or brand.

As the big have grown bigger, their leverage over truckload carriers has also grown. Any reasonable analysis of truckload freight rates, not counting fuel, shows little growth in rates over the past decade despite the carriers' continuing issues with a shrinking pool of driver replacements; higher costs for new, more environmentally friendly equipment; unproductive regulation; and the lack of investment in retail and foodservice distribution centers by the receivers. For LTL shippers, getting a door assigned and getting unloaded in a timely manner at the receivers' locations has become much more difficult because the number of doors available for unloading and receiving hours have not kept pace with the growth in volume.

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The Ten "DOs" and "DON'Ts" of Selecting a Third Party Logistics Provider

Few decision processes are as seemingly simple yet fraught with as much risk as selecting a service provider who will now serve as your face to your customer. Over the past 20 years, stories are legend of careers made and careers broken by a poor selection process. Who would be better to suggest decision criteria and process than a 3PL who goes through this process every day? Here's how we would approach the selection of a third party provider.

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